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Understood on the battery...just didn't know if there were any pro's to keeping them all in main memory or reading off the SD card. I know I had a heck of a time getting the books to the card because I kept getting errors in calibre.

After I posted this, my ebooks locked up and I learned the art of reset

I wouldn't dream of deleting a book permanently. I'm a packrat also as my basement condition will show! Nice thing about SD cards is they don't take up space.

I just need to clean up the files because Windows said there may be errors and then I would re-install all the books I did finish my first book on my Sony...after I finally stopped messing around with libraries and downloading books and generally playing with it *g*

I still have a huge pile of paperbacks I acquired over the summer...what a shame I didn't get a reader sooner!

Thanks again
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