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My update took about an hour from start to reset but it was well worth the wait. I have just finished updating all my previously side loaded apps through the play store. This will be so convenient now that I do not have to go on the internet to find files, side load them, and reinstall to just to do a version update on an app. There still seems to be a couple of the apps that I use on my Andriod phone that I can't find in Kobo's Play store but nothing major.

Recently I started hating on my Kobo to the point where I seriously considered getting rid of it because it seemed like it was super slow and never working. It often took more than 30 minutes to get the system loaded up and the Kobo app opened. It took a factory reset and only installing those apps which could be found in the previous getjar app store (which was very limited) in order to get it to working decently. Sideloading anything seemed to cause great troubles and couldn't be done under any circumstance. Even when avoiding side loaded items on times my Kobo would frequently freeze or act weird. In the 20 mins or so of using my Kobo since the update I don't seem to be experiencing any of these adverse affects - lets hope this update doesn't bring about any issues in the long term like the last update.

With this update I too have also noticed a drastic change in the responsiveness of my kobo. It is now much less frustrating to type on and responds almost instantly when typing or opening apps - it's now almost as fast as my smartphone. Also, the further integration with Google is a lifesaver for me. I'm so glad that I can now link to my Google calendar and use my favour calendar app to do so. Way to go Kobo - I would say this has been the most successful update for me yet! My Kobo is once again getting the use and love it deserves!
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