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Smile The customized slideshow works

Originally Posted by Ken Maltby View Post
One thing you can do is to replace the .png files in your AuraHD's ./kobo/slideshow/dragon/en folder with your own .pngs.

You can put your Kobo into "Demo Mode" by entering "demo mode on" in the search box. With Library selected not Bookstore. You turn it off with "demo mode off". You may have to wait for the inactive timer to run out before the first run through starts. It is made to run the slide show between customers giving it a hands on run through, so the slideshow stops on any touch events and starts on inactivity, until it is turned off.
Hi Ken,
Okay, I have tried that, it works
I had a look at the png in .kobo/slideshow/dragon/en, they are

PNG image data, 1080 x 1440, 8-bit grayscale, non-interlaced
I converted my own image to this format:
convert -resize 1080 -type GrayScale -depth 8 input output
and copied it to .kobo/slideshow/dragon/en. Rebooted the device, and then started the demo mode: yes ! it works !

However, if I do,

cat output.png | ssh -l root IP /usr/local/Kobo/pickel showpic
the picture does not display.

Actually, what I really wanted to do is customize the sleep screen, but that's beginning to be a bit off topic, I'll start another thread for that.

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