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"Last Read Page" functionnality w/ Open Source software

Hello everybody,

It's my first post in this forum, so first of all, thanks a lot for your awesome community !
I've been searching quite a lot everywhere but I didn't find answers for what I'm looking for.

I have a Nook Classic (rooted), Macintosh computer, Android phone, and Android & Windows tablets.
I manage most of my books/magazine/courses through Calibre.

I just want to have the "last page read" functionnality accross all my devices, as I'm switching constantly.

The integrated app of the Nook Classic doesn't have this functionnality I think.
And I can't change to an other model like the Nook Simple Touch as I want a reader with headphone output (to listen to my courses) and removable battery and microSD, and hackable system, and it looks like the Nook classic is the only one which fulfill all conditions.

I thought of using FBReader in conjunction with some other plugins to achieve what I want, or to fork the main FBReader tree to implement by myself the functionnalities, but it looks like the version for the Nook Classic has been wiped from the internet face of the Earth.

Can Calibre help me here ? Like, for example, is it one of the functionnality an OPDS server can solve ?
Could someone give me a tip about what to do here ?

Wish you a nice evening,
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