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Originally Posted by MacEachaidh View Post
Ahh, OK, that's helpful. So, for my own learning: it's better to use, say, percentages or em measurements than font sizes in points? I can see how that makes sense.
I really don't know, I have not studied these issues of typesetting, but indeed it seems only logical that one would set some base sizes (ideally, just one) and then define other sizes in terms of those sizes. I suspect a lot of renderers can figure out what a person wants even if it is not done this way, but looks like the Kobo renderer fails. You will have to adjust the other absolute measures as well, most likely (such as line height).

(I've got a couple of teach-yourself books on HTML and CSS generically, but does anyone know of any that deal with how these are applied specifically to ebooks?)
Offhand, can't imagine why there would be much difference. More likely it is just that Kobo and/or other renderers do not do exactly the same thing, because there are lots of complicated little gotcha's all over the place. It's well known that browsers do not do the same thing with the same css or html.
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