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I want to set the "theoretical" highest, the series total is not about the books I have but abouts the books that form the series.

So Harry Potter has 7 books, if I have 1, 4 and 5 I still want them to appear as 1 of 7, 4 of 7 and 5 of 7.
Of course calibre cannot compute that number but I already organized most of my books in series (albums) in iTunes and manually entered the "Total Tracks" for the albums.
Now I want to transport this info in a way that calibre will understand and hopefully even carry to readers [I just ordered a Kindle 3, e-Ink finally has grown on me]

I am in the process of writing the PLIST -> "Sane" XML -> OPF script converter and learning for past mistakes I want to set things right and not have to redo work again.
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