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Question Total Number of Books in Series

I am still fixed in the idea of "saving" my metadata changes done inside iTunes to a more standard format (moving from *.plist to *.opf)

Things are progressing (god bless XSLT) but I cannot find the equivalent of the trackcount item in calibre.

In iTunes I use track num , track count to display the order of books in a series and the total number of books in the series such as

Book A 1 of 10
Book B 2 of 10
I know that calibre has the tag:
<opf:meta name="calibre:series_index" content="1.0"/>
which matches the "tracknumber" (1,2) but I cannot find what tag matches the total number of books that make up the series.

I hope I make myself clear , anyone knows or should I discard this info (I find it quite useful to know that I am missing certain books such as when your latest book of a serie is "4 of 6")
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