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Inkbook Prime Review - Tips & Tricks

Can you install Ö
With the semi-standard e-ink disclaimer, many apps not build for e-ink may result in white/light gray text on a white background. Making it hard (or impossible to read)
  • Kindle/Moon+Reader/Kobo/AlReader/FBReader/Aldiko/Pocketbook/ - Yes
  • Amazon/APKPure/APKUpdater App Store - Yes
  • Calibre Companions - Yes (at least the demo)
  • Launchers - yes
The majority of launchers throw an error if you add a widget. Making the launcher a system app, seems to eliminate this problem
I havenít found a launcher that will set a wallpaper.
If you use an alternative launcher you cannot use widgets from the builtin library app
  • Dropbox - Yes
  • Google Drive - Not without google single sign-on (see below)
  • Perfect Viewer/Challenger Viewer - Yes
  • Chrome - Yes

Can you root the device - Yes
The Prime is built by Boyue and similar to ones from Onyx, Energy, Icarus, etc. Most (all?) of which have methods of gaining root, give them a try

Can you install google play store - Probably
After gaining root the major issue is getting the correct version of the 4 or 5 apps for the corresponding version of android. While I donít have a big need for the play store books, the play store most used facility for apps that you need to purchase.

(to be continued...)
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