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Originally Posted by diokdin View Post
Thanks for the info.....

I have it on my SD card. For some weird reason I can't put it on the my EZ reader memory.

But I did authorize my PP. But it's in my SD card.

Sorry, I'm not good with techie stuff....I'm doing trial and error here together with lots of reading.
In ADE, your device should show up as the main memory & SD card. Be sure you drag it to where you want it (sounds like you did).

Regardless of where you put it from ADE, on the PEZ it will appear in the Digital Editions directory.

I've had errors using Windows Explorer to copy DRM'd files as a version of ADE must be loaded and registered on the device you are reading on. When there is not attempting to open the file does produce an error.

So make sure your version of firmware supports ADE. You can tell by checking the settings & then About. The second line on my device states " by Adobe Systems Incorporated"
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