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Originally Posted by Twyn View Post
Yes, with next version you should be able to download your files directly using the Kindle browser.
I don't own a Kindle so I never tried it, but it worked that way in my Kobo (with epub files).
I'm new Kindle Paperwhite Gen2 user. Ubooquity works perfect with my ebooks collection - it's a great software and I recomended that idea - perfect tool.

Kindle Paperwhite is supporting mobi files and pdf files too - but the problem is, that there is very stupid Kindle browser - I can download only mobi files there, but not pdf.

When I try to download pdf file - Kindle browser said, that kind of file is not supported to download only. Do it manualy!

Is any way to tell this browser, that my pdf file is mobi file? ;-) All my files are mobi?
I woluld like to test beta version with this trick.
Most wanted request.

In the other way - I must find Duokan Operating System for Kindle Paperwhite and tell thanks Amazon. Is anybody user here who do this upgrade with Duokan on Paperwhite Gen II?

To do:
On the page with Ubooquity documentation, there is a broken link:

I can do polish translation for Ubooquity, if you want.

Can Ubooquity use jquery js and css with rendering html? I need one smart plugin there to manualy import my ebooks from Downloads folders. In my Download folder I have ebooks with the filenames:
First Author Name, Second Name - Title - Series - part.pdf
Second Name First Name - Title.pdf
Title - Second Name, First
Title - First Name, Second Name.epub

Import plugin should ask me, where I have my Downloads folders, Destination folder, and ask me one ebook by one - how to change position with the parts of ebook filename to move that ebook file to my Destination folder in order as I want:
A,B,C... folders, and inside as I want, sorted by Second Authors Name first for example.

When I created my CMS in PHP, I use jquery to import parts of the names to the table, and that parts are displaing in the "drag and drop" Tabs - I can sort it.


I can "drag and drop" any parts of the filename using my mouse - using jquery on html page and adding some tabs with -.[,],. to add as you want in the name, plus text area to manualy rename, if the name of my file is f.e.: 234232.pdf.

So, renaming the filename should be quick and easy - using drag and drop tabs with the parts of the name- one by one.

Is it possible to add jquery scripts to your JAVA enviroment to create that new import plugin, to quick rename and import ebooks there from my Download folder to Main - one by one manualy?
We can move that ebook files by that plugin to the correct folder, and there will be easy import into Calibre, and export to Ubooquity with the correct names as we need in ebook files. Is it possible request?


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