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Kindle (AZW3/MOBI) ebooks with "real page numbers" to PDF with same page numbers?

Let's say that I've bought an Amazon Kindle ebook that states the following:

Length: 689 pages (Contains Real Page Numbers)
Contains real page numbers based on the print edition (ISBN xxxxxxxxxx).

Now, I prefer PDF as reading format so I want to convert the file to PDF but I want to do it in such a way that it preserves this original page count and page layout if (practically) feasible. How do I make sure that these "real page numbers" are faithfully translated into my PDF output file? Is it just a matter of converting to PDF with the default settings or do I have to do some manual tweaks of the input/output file?

An additional problem in achieving this is that it's not exactly easy to visually compare/verify a page-based PDF output file vs a "browsing-based" Kindle input file. The page count of Kindle ebooks, as displayed by either Amazon Kindle for PC or by Calibre's built-in ebook viewer, does not exactly adhere to a strict linearly incremental page-count. The increments when reading a Kindle file can be in both fractions and multiples of 1, so it's hard to verify the result page by page in the PDF file vs the Kindle file. That's why I want to make sure that I use the correct conversions settings in order to make the output PDF filr have a 1:1 correspondence with the "real page count" stated by Amazon (if possible, of course).

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