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installing Openinkpot on Hanvon WISEreader N516


I'm new to Openinkpot (but not new to UNIX). I acquired in eBay a device Hanvon WISEreader N516 because it is one of the devices listed in the Openinpot's Wiki as supported. Well, I don't know yet if it has the Epson controller which seems to be unsupported. Now I have a few questions which I don't see ansered in the FAQ:

1. What is the diff between 0.2.2 and the daily builds in, is this something which was called 0.3?

2. What the various files in the above link are good for; the Wiki speaks only about '', but not about the files 'azbooka516*' and not about the '' file; is this something to reinstall the original firmware?

3. Is it still so, that the installation can brick the device if it is unsupported? The Wiki says:
Hanvon N510/N516

BEWARE: a method to restore original firmware is not yet discovered.

ALSO BEWARE: There is a new version of Hanvon N516 for which this procedure does not work. You will probably render your device unusable, until support for the new version of N516 is supported.

4. Last but not least, is the Epson display controller still unsupported and the Wiki outdated?


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