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Hi DiapDealer,

Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
Just out of curiosity, are you manufacturing the "linear=No" attribute for the created cover page's spine entry? Or is that something that unpacks "as is"?
I wrote "linear=No" on purpose. I thought it should be set to "No" for a cover page; from a few references:
But, I am not confident so much.

Originally Posted by DiapDealer View Post
I prefer the somewhat "standard" svg method of creating a cover page, but that's just a personal preference. Feel free to take a look at my hacked-up file if you're interested at all. I've added a 'borrowed' method to get the necessary dimensions of jpeg, gif, or png images (and removed the 'linear' attribute for my own selfish reasons). Don't feel any pressure to adopt my changes or anything. I don't mind adjusting the "official" codebase to suit my needs. That's how I get my practice.

Thanks for your input on the project, by the way. Much appreciated!
I am impressed by looking at the code you posted (though 'borrowed'). It's quite nice!
In oder to use svg wrapper, the size of an image is necessary; I thought it needs an extra library like PIL, (I don't hesitate to use the PIL if it was just for my private use.) To avoid using the extra library, I wrote that style.


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