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First efforts

Here is my first effort. The articles are pretty clean and auto cleanup works fine. I just wanted to include a line under the title with the date and author. It looks like it is contained in a div class "post-meta", but auto_cleanup_keep is not enough to pull in this data it seems.


class Politikon(BasicNewsRecipe):
title = u'Politikon - Pol\xedtica, econom\xeda, sociedad y actualidad. (extended)'
oldest_article = 7
max_articles_per_feed = 20
auto_cleanup = True

feeds = [
(u'Politikon - Pol\xedtica, econom\xeda, sociedad y actualidad.', u''),
(u'Pol\xedtica', ''),
(u'Econom\xeda' , ''),
(u'Internacional', ''),
(u'Sociedad', '')

no_stylesheets = True

auto_cleanup_keep = '//div[@class="post-meta"]|//abbr[@class="date time published"]|//span[@class="author vcard"]'

ignore_duplicate_articles = {'title', 'url'}

Thanks for any help
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