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Fascinating. I had been noticing pretty pathetic battery life myself. After the initial indexing, I'd had to fully charge it from under 20% probably three times in the last two weeks. By the way, I'd owned the original Paperwhite and also the Voyage so I have a feel for how long it should last (I definitely noticed the Voyage needed to be charged more often and definitely definitely noticed the new Oasis needs it more often).

Firmware: 5.9.2
Wifi: Off always
Light: 11 (not automatic)
Font: Bookerly
Bold: 1
Size: 2
Indexing: Fully indexed
Cover: Amazon cloth cover

I would say about 8 hours of reading has been consistent with my observations. That being said, I did a test today where I read for an hour (didn't leave the book, no highlighting, probably about 80 page turns) and went from 24% to 20% battery. That should equate closer to 25 hours of battery life. But that definitely hasn't been my experience. I'll keep an eye on it, perhaps I'm draining in between reads or one possibility may be that the cover makes it turn on and off while carrying it in my pocket.
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