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Okay, figured it out. If you run a Quartz Filter on the PDF after a compatible font is embedded during the Calibre conversion process it will make the content of the PDFs searchable and copyable. I made an Automator script that takes any files and adds an image filter to them that is ostensibly set to reduce the size of images, but I just set it to "uncompressed" so that there is no impact that I can discern on the images. You can process a ton of files quickly this way.

As for eschwartz’s comment, this isn't just for Preview. This also makes PDFs searchable on my iPad using PDF Expert, in Papers 3 on Mac and iPad, and entirely indexable by the above applications as well as Alfred and Spotlight. For my purposes being able to call up all documents with specific keywords or names through a central interface is absurdly useful, and not possible if I don’t make it compatible with Preview and other applications like it which don’t have the full capabilities of some readers. Not to mention making it compatible with the broadest range of possible applications, not just the newest, leaves options open for other ways of using the file that I might not have thought of yet. It also has no negative impact on how I use the files, so I see only positives and no downsides for my personal use.
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