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Originally Posted by Pushka View Post
So doing this means that the books don't appear in folders on the kindle (when using the kindle as a USB? If so did you remove all the books from the kindle and then resubmit them via Calibre? If you have the 2.5 update did doing this mess up the folders from the update?
It appears that the 2.5 update has problems navigating a directory tree under 'documents', resulting in a significant delay when adding or deleting books. Having all books in the 'documents' directory seems to mitigate the issue.

I use Calibre almost exclusively for retrieving periodicals and sending the occasional converted book or personal doc. Never felt the need to have Calibre manage my books and now with the Kindle collections feature, there is even less need.

I cleaned up 'documents' by copying everything in the Calibre-created author folders to the root of 'documents' and then just deleted the folders. I did this before putting anything into collections, but it appears that the Kindle does a scan/reconciliation upon disconnecting USB, so it shouldn't mess up any current collections.
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