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Ordinary filebrowser for Kobo Glo?

Hi, it's my first post here! And a very strange one too !

My first ebook reader was a Pocketbook Touch, but it's display got damaged by a bicycle accident.
I bought a Kobo Glo because of the background light and seemingly more open plattform. (I hate vendor-lockin)

I have written some python scripts for myself which converts fanfiction and other sources on the internet to epub books and now have a collection of around 20000 - 30000 books on my micro sd card. To manage these books I have a directory structure. (Manually sorting out what books I what and what I don't want in advance isn't so easy)

On the Pocketbook Touch reader I could disable the automatic library indexing function and browse and open the books like a filebrowser.

On the Kobo Glo I couldn't find these settings and while it is indexing I can't use it. And it's indexing 8 hours already.

Are there filebrowser like applications available or could I do the indexing on my linux pc? (like filling the sqlite database with a script or something?)
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