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Unhappy Transfer all books from old Kindle to new one

So today my new K3 arrived in the mail. And the first thing I tried to do was get all the books which are currently on my K2 onto my K3.

I'm one of those people who hates to delete books. So I have 413 books on my K2 that were purchased from Amazon.
I want all 413 of them (which have been neatly filed into collections) on my K3.

After 20 minutes with technical support I have determined that the only way to do that is download them ONE AT A TIME!!!! There doesn't seem to be any mechanism to do all of them at once.

The PC interface provided by doesn't have a way to select more than one book. You have to click the download button next to each one. And the Kindle interface (i.e. Archived Items) also can only be done one at a time.

The customer service rep tried to insist that those Archived Items were perfectly good and there was no reason why I needed to download them until I want to read them. I explained that the Archived Items are completely useless when I'm on an airplane. it just me? Or is this really dumb?
Any ideas for transferring them more efficiently?

I could just copy them all from my Calibre interface but when I tried that they didn't show up in the Kindle collections.
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