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Originally Posted by stumped View Post
i see the so called "developer" re appeared briefly - ignored all the bugs/ requests for help threads, and added another " nearly finished" brag to one of the stickies.

unfortunately, that's all he does now & I doubt he will post again until Feb 2020.
Warning: Rant Ahead.

Stumped, I really appreciate you and other knowledgable legacy users continuing to monitor and offer assistance here in the forum. I get too angry, no livid really, and have to constrain myself otherwise I know I will say ugly things that I will later regret. But unfortunately, I couldn't control myself today, so here goes.

I just returned from looking at the latest reviews/ratings in the app store as I was curious why anyone would still be installing this pos at this point, and was shocked to see several 4 and 5 star reviews. They've got to be fakes don't they, or maybe it's because the new user hasn't yet had one of the numerous bugs kick in? I did notice that ye old narcissistic clueless one is offering some disgruntled reviewers the prized opportunity to be a beta tester for whatever the new pos is that he's cooking up. Wow, talk about an offer one shouldn't refuse. Oh pretty please, may I get an invite?

And yes, I saw his post in the sticky. I mean, what gall. September 17, 2019...the day that will live in infamy in the annals of all time greatest fails. So here we are, a few days shy of 4 months on, with no fix, and a fool who thinks the smart thing to do is tease us with beta testing and whatever that was he posted (I couldn't bring myself to look...too afraid I might hurl my MacBook out the window in disgust).

I've been tempted to contact Apple myself to try to find out what other possibilities exist for somehow getting v1.3.2 back into the app store for legacy users to be able to downgrade to. Iím well aware of what you know who has said about this not being possible. But I find it almost impossible to believe that if Apple was made fully aware of what has transpired here, that they wouldn't make some kind of accommodation to allow the old version to be put back up. I also think Apple should be made of the facts and circumstances of what was done here regardless so that any necessary and appropriate steps could be taken by them. What happened here was just wrong, egregiously so.

My guess is that our buddy never pushed hard enough and/or saw it was going to require some additional coding/knowledge he didn't possess (not to mention, obviously, money), and he decided he wasn't going down that route. Better to batten down the hatches, full steam ahead, stiff upper lip, and all that jazz. Plus that was the quickest path to get what he wantsÖthe ability to start charging a monthly subscription fee.

Well, that was the most calm, civil, least profane I believe Iím able to express myself at the moment, and under these circumstances. As always, I will feel better for a little while now that Iíve gotten that poison out of my system.

I wish you a good day.
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