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Originally Posted by sirmaru View Post
I'm glad you liked the Tecarta Bibles. Its the best for the Kindle Fire.

The fact that I can access EVERY Resource offered by Tecarta FREE via a WiFi connection means I can try them out extensively before downloading and paying for them. I don't know of any other company offering free, unlimited use of resources before paying.
Yes.. I agree...
This is the main reason I went ahead and purchased several of their bibles.
I wanted to support them... as well as have the convenience of having
versions available when I was off line.

I especially like the feature that if you double tap , when the screen is split, the versions "sync up". This allows me to instantly sync when I wish without any special screens to go through.

I also find useful the way with one touch you can reach all your "history".
It has never hung up on me yet as some other versions on the Apple
did. No big deal... just nice that it seems fairly stable.

Easy way to find...on your Fire, go to apps and search for the string "tecarta"
It will return free version of KJV. From that, you can load the rest.

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