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Updated HowTo: Patch MG's debian-image for Kobo Mini via a Linux-Desktop/Terminal

Originally Posted by alexskinner
Does the same debian image work on on the Mini or does it require manual tweaks, the minis are more readily available at low cost.
Originally Posted by MarekGibek View Post
It requires manual tweaks - someone documented it on this forum.
Yeah, thats quite true (and in the end not really difficult), but in the meantime there are at least three big threads containing important details.

And since I spend several hours to collect all the latest informations related to the patch of the image for the mini on a linux-desktop, may be it helps some people to put it all in a nutshell.

Updated HowTo: Patch Debian-image from Marek for Kobo Mini via a Linux-Desktop/Terminal:

As always, please backup all your data before - just in case you produce an error with 'dd' and remember that all the data on the new msd-card for the Kobo will be destroyed!

1. Download the image here:

2. unzip ''

3. navigate via terminal to the unzipped items

4. unrar the 3 debian parts just with one command:
unrar x 2013-08-17_kobo_debian.part01.rar
5. according to user cloudsun9, you can skip downloading any uboot-things since they're identic:

So just extract the kobo mini-specific data from the original 2gb kobo-msd-card block 1025 (if you want to be sure, use a 1-1 copy of it; X=letter of your 2gb-msd):
sudo dd if=/dev/sdX bs=512 skip=1024 count=1 of=anyname.img
sudo sync
(you can check this file easily in a hex-editor. The first bytes should be: "HW CONFIG v1.3"

6. transfer Marek's debian-image via dd to a fresh 16gb-msd-card (8gb-cards are also possible but sometimes they are some blocks smaller than the image, Y=letter of your unmounted 16gb-msd):
sudo dd if=2013-08-17_kobo_debian.img bs=512 of=/dev/sdY
sudo sync
7. overwrite block 1025 of the still unmounted 16gb-msd with the extracted anyname.img:
sudo dd if=anyname.img bs=512 seek=1024 count=1 of=/dev/sdY 
sudo sync
8. put the 16-gb-msd in your kobo mini and start it

9. on first start tap on the nickel-item and config and start your wlan including password there

10. after the next boot, tap on the debian-icon, start WiFi via launcher-Config-WiFi-Start and wait until you receive the ip-message

11. have fun (and admire marek for his work .-)

Just had time, to check if everything works: perfect!

Only one question, just if someone knows:

The letters in terminal, nano, etc. on the mini are a little bit too small for my eyes. Is there an easy way to configure them double sized?

grtz, martux
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