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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post
If you could get us a dmesg snippet of how it actually shows up over USB, that'd be potentially helpful.

I put it on the charge, this time with it powered on. The light went orange as usual but this time it actually turned green again when it finished. I left it on another 24 hours as I had some other things I had to do and when I checked back the light was off and I couldn’t turn it on when it was unplugged. Put it back on the charger and it charged all the way full again so it must have cut off charging when it first finished and then died from a bunch of intensive background processes.

I ran dmesg again this time fully charged with power on. This is the results.

EDIT: Oh I was wrong about the cables. I was using ones that are similar but I found my original cable for certain now.

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