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Originally Posted by allovertheglobe View Post
Yes, it does. When you plug in the cable, the reader asks you if you want to go into "PC transfer" mode or not. You just choose no, the reader will start charging while you continue to use it.
Hey there allovertheglobe dude, I am wondering the same thing. I took your (good) advice and ordered the adapters/chargers. I could only order the $13 on Newegg, but the Garmin, I had to go to their website. I sort-of guessed which one to order, many look similar! - but selected it based on the photo's on your earlier review. (I need one at home and one for my office, so I thought I'd try one of each) Both look like I plug the original cord into the DR1000S, then the USB side goes into the charger, which then plugs into the wall. Do I have this right? Although I will find out soon enough when they arrive, I am just wondering....
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