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Any shops that sell DR1000s in UK? (and should I buy it?...)

Hi there,
I am a PhD student who has just moved into London, it has been only 3 days actually. There is a tremendous amount of reading I have to do, and I have been done with carrying around thousands of printed pdfs around. I can not read from the computer screen, and I was just about to go for iliad.
Then I heard the DR1000 and the screen size made me wait for it. With inherently problematic eyes, I consider a larger screen a very important advantage.

However, the battery issues outlined by CJP, and slowly being confirmed by others in mobileread forums IS a problem. Do you think that future updates can increase battery life, or should I assume the mentioned 5 hour~ as what to expect from the device for future too.

And in case I decide to spend a large part of my limited budget on this device, is there a shop in London that I can go and buy it instead of online shops? I'd love to see the device and play with it a little bit before spending my money on it.

It is obvious that I'll be getting an e-reader and Irex seems to offer the largest two devices which would be much better for my eyes. (and annotations is another killer feature for me)

Your comments would be appreciated a lot. Now back to reading from the laptop screen

Kind regards
Seref Arikan
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