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Originally Posted by ilovejedd View Post
I don't know how good your eyes are.

Personally, the basic Kindle (167 ppi) is too blurry/has too much edge pixelation for my taste. Lowest I can tolerate is 212 ppi (Paperwhite 1/2, Kobo Aura).

If you wait for a sale, you can usually find the basic Kindle for $60-70 and the Paperwhite for $80-90. At $20 difference (and same price as basic Kindle at MSRP), I think the higher resolution on the Paperwhite is worth it.
I agree with you, now that I am a "certain age" I prefer clear type and the 300 ppi of the Glo is quite good for me. And as I posted just before I saw your reply, I found a Paperwhite 3 for $69.99 and that seems like a pretty good deal.
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