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Originally Posted by stumped View Post
1 library, 1 user...access from 2 locations, safely, should be doable. If the library pc is running, use folder share and remote login. If it's only shared to yourself, it should be fine.
There may well be slicker methods, it's not a feature I need some am not expert.

If you are going to have the library on 2 pcs and in the cloud, but you are still the only user, then you just have to be very organised about when to sync and in what direction
Alright. I thought now, that even OneDrive itself could fuck the library up somehow.
For now, I think I'll stick with the local version and putting a copy on the cloud. Maybe I'll turn it around some time.

Usually it is not a problem, because only of the two PCs is running at a time, with enough time in-between.
I think I screwed up when I was setting up one of them in parallel and accessed the library almost in parallel..

Originally Posted by shalym View Post
...or you can go into your output options and change the MOBI file type to "both", which will give you the best of both worlds. You can email the file to Amazon, and you will get the newer (but not the newest) filetype that can handle custom fonts and most of the enhanced typesetting.
Well, when put to "both", my experience is, that the sync of the last read page does not work reliable anymore.
Now that I have the setting on "old", I get both, the flawless sync and the even the book cover.

Originally Posted by BetterRed View Post
FWIW - the CalibreSpy plugin is a read only library viewer. You can a) use it to view multiple libraries - concurrently, and b) use it on multiple computers - concurrently. Works fine across a LAN, I haven't tried it across a WAN. But it has no metadata update capability, that must be done via the calibre GUI (single library, single instance).
That indeed is a really great suggestion! Thanks for that!
I'll check it out when time allows it, but since I'm planning on setting up a NAS anyway, maybe it would be an option to have Calibre running on that and setup CalibreSpy as well?
Or is the virtual library (Web library? Not sure about the exact wording here) better suited for this?
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