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Link to nav.xhtml in TOC

Hello, I am using Sigil to create epub3.
In Sigil 0.9.18, I can go to Tools > Table Of Contents > Edit Table Of Contents... and add an entry with target as "Text/nav.xhtml". After I upgrade to Sigil 1.0.0, this doesn't work anymore. If I open epub created with Sigil 1.0.0 in epub reader (like Calibre) and click the link to nav.xhtml in TOC, it can not go to nav.xhtml.

Link created with Sigil 0.9.18 is like this:
        <a href="../Text/nav.xhtml">TOC</a>
Link created with Sigil 1.0.0 is like this:
        <a href="">TOC</a>
Sample epub created with Sigil 1.0.0: test.epub

Am I doing it the wrong way or this is a bug in Sigil 1.0.0?
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