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Trying WIFI: turning on, connecting, and then turning off after ~5 seconds

My Iliad is serving nicely as a stand-alone ereader. Now and again I try to get more out of it (ending in frustration: it's a second hand unit, with no shell access :-( )

WIFI also never seemed to work properly. Now I tried setting up an unencrypted and a WPA(1) network. Iliad sees the networks, and I can configure and save a profile.

I can not use the connection though. These are my findings:
  • icon while in settings: while in settings, the WIFI-icon is greyed out: grey antenna on white background.
  • icon while in book list: while not in settings, the WIFI-icon is available: black antenna on white background.
  • icon while connecting: after clicking the WIFI-icon, it inverses: a white antenna on a black background.
  • icon after connecting 5-10 secons: the WIFI-icon stays inverted for 5 to 10 seconds, giving the impression something happened (with no valid profile, it returns to black-antenna-on-white-background in a few seconds).

In my router I can see that the device has asked for an IP (giving MAC address and 'udhcp 0.9.9-pre' as info).

While configuring there is not only the option to save the configuration, but also to test it immediately. It gives 'server not found' or something like that, and I guess that's 'Irex server not found'.

I worry that WIFI actually works with no problem, but that the device phones home to see whether home has gone bankrupt yet, and seeing that that is true, does not allow me to use WIFI.

Any idea whether this check is only a ping (that can be redirected with some trouble) or an attempt to log in to irex?

I realize most readers will have left this device behind them years ago, and also that all its functionality hinged on their off-line servers. I still have hopes for an answer :-)
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