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New to calibre, and thanks for this information, because I put Ver 1.48 onto an older XP based laptop I use when trying out new stuff that I'm not overly rushing to advance skills & utilize at optimum levels right off the bat.

At first run though I did get an immediate pop-up UPDATE to Version 2.35 dialogue box.
I thought this was a little odd, given what I've read in all these threads about what a waste of time it is to attempt to run any newer versions of Calibre - And, just prior to the installation, I had accidentally downloaded an inappropriate version for my machine & immediately during installation was informed that before an attempt to install that version I would need to have .net framework at least 2.0 installed.

Well, out of sheer curiousity can someone please tell me how it is that Calibre can determine my compatibility in that respect (the .net issue) but it offered at the Ver 1.48 to update to 2.35.

Isn't there contradiction here ? ? It seems so.

Anyway, in that same pop-up dialogue box (which appears dropping into view like a splash screen during the first run of the newly installed app) the installer did have a checkbox to allow/deny auto-update seeking which was checked by default, that I UN-checked, and an option to proceed or exit from the offer to update. I exited.

Thanks again. Any feedback or insight about this is welcome.
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