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I am a complete novice and do not understand Sigil quite yet, so bear with me. All I know is, that it is an editor of some sort and that you can piece several bits of separate books together in it.

Am I correct so far?

This can only be accomplished if the contents are in EPUB format. Is this correct also?

Now you are mentioning being able to change the language. By this, do you mean the actual Sigil content having a different language or the content you put in it can be changed?

Firstly, where can I download the Sigil e-book editing program?

If I explain this task, can you tell me whether or not I can do the things in it that I want to?

To explain:

I have a complete book in .docx format (or if you like, Microsoft Word). The complete book is in Spanish. I have taken out each page separately from the original document.

I would like to change the language in it from Spanish to English.

At the moment, I have taken each page separately and translated it from Spanish to English using an online translator.

This as you can imagine, is very time-consuming. I know at the end of the exercise, I can change the format of the pages from docx to PDF.

What I would like to know is, can Sigil perform this operation much quicker for me somehow?

Or am I barking up the completely proverbial wrong tree in summarising how Sigil works?

Any help on this issue and if it can be solved will be truly appreciated.

Thank you

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