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Is there an easy and quick way to transfer books from eBookwise to Iconia?

So yesterday I made the sad choice to finally retired my eBookwise-1150 reader and replace it with an Iconia. I was assured that my .html based books, of which I have roughly 1,000, would work on the new device. “There is an app for that.” I was enthusiastically informed.

Silly me, I apparently did not ask the right question. Sure, there are apps to read my .html books, but where is the app to do a mass transfer from the Librarian software into the aforementioned html reading book app. Working with an app called “Moon+ Reader” I was able to load one book onto the device and actually read it. This process took several minutes, requiring me to input the author’s name and re-add spaces to the book’s title. The thought of repeating that process over 1,000 times is not appealing! Please tell me there is an easier way. Pretty please? With cherries on top and lots of chocolate sauce?

-- Kit
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