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Is the Kindle Keyboard a good choice?


I need help to choose an eReader.
Of all the options I prefer the Kindle Keyboard because the TTS function, I am not an English speaker and I will use the eReader to improve my vocabulary so the dictionary function and the TTS are very important to me.

I have read several threads and viewed some videos about the Kindle Keyboard but I still have some doubts:

1) I dont live in the US so I cant access to all the content in the kindle store.
Could I use books from another sources (, local library) in Kindle?

2) As far as I understand the Kindle Keyboard is a 3rd generation Kindle.
Is there too much difference in the display quality and firmware of this device and the 4th and 5th generation?

3) Does the TTS worth it or should I go directly for a Kindle Paperwhite?
Can I use the TTS with mobi or txt books?
This is a dealbreaker for me because I will use it to improve my English vocabulary (pronunciation).

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