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Originally Posted by robko View Post
The explanation from Kobo way back when was that the WIFI part of the firmware was not ready at the time they were factory loading it onto the first run of KT's. Therefore it had no ability to use WIFI until you updated the firmware straight out of the box. My understanding was the later shipments would be preloaded with whatever the current firmware was (which logically should have WIFI functionality in the firmware), so you shouldn't need to hardwire connect, but I can't confirm that.
I don't think this is the reason. I can factory reset my KT and manually update the firmware to the current by downloading and uncompressing it into the .kobo directory. Even with the current firmware (manually updated), the device will not allow connection to any wifi network until I connect it to the Kobo desktop and go through a account setup/login process. This is what makes it impossible to make full use of the KT after a factory reset unless we find a windows/mac machine with the Kobo Desktop software.
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