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Pluginize file naming strategy ?


before anyone points me to FAQs, yes, I have read PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING - The purpose of this subforum and Want to change the folder structure of the Calibre library? and am aware of most of the arguments pro / contra.

My special use case ( content from different shops / sources aggregated and available on one server because *I* bought them for *myself*, but should be stored in separate locations for legal reasons ) would be best served by manipulating the storage strategy, tough.

So, my question is: If I would put in the effort to pluginize the directory naming strategy (much like the way metadata sources work now), and later on provided additional plugins that serve my use case, would that work be considered for inclusion in the main source tree or would I have to maintain my private tree for the foreseeable future, including the effort of building windows binary installation packages?

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