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Finally got mine today. Took 9 days w/ free shipping.

I got mocha. It's dark brown, soft, and smells like leather. It's not perfectly smooth--it does have a fine grain to it, maybe twice as fine as the cover that came with the device. I expected it to be very smooth and easily scratched, but I scratched it lightly with my fingernail near the edge and it didn't mar the surface.

The strap is sewn on with contrasting stitching. It is noticeably crooked, lower on the spine than on the outer edge, but it's not bad enough to send back. Otherwise, the quality is excellent. The interior is very soft and fuzzy. The pockets are very low profile. The strap used to close the case does its job very well. I have no fears of it becoming loose over time.

The straps on the top do seem a little odd with exposed elastic, but it's almost required to give access to the power switch and the stylus. If the top straps were like the bottom then these two items could not be accessed.

The internal structure is much stiffer than the standard case. The 'binding' part is pliable and easily bends back to fold flat against the back. I have no fear that bending it will cause a problem, like I do with the standard case. A thin Moleskine fits with no fears of it messing up the screen. I have not tried the pen loop because it's very skinny--maybe a thin Cross pen would fit.

It feels great and is exactly what I expect a nice leather case to be. I will definitely feel more comfortable using this than the standard case because it looks much more book-like (well, Bible-like, anyway).

No point in posting pictures because hers were just fine, but I will post pics upon request if you want to see something specific.
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