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Originally Posted by davidfor View Post
Calibre portable is 32-bit, so that could be the issue. The book appears to have 385 chapters. It could be running out of memory. As it is a manga, the number of images could be causing that. Is it one image per chapter? Or are there more?

The error is the same as one reported earlier by someone when they pointed their TMP storage to a memory disk. There isn't anything obvious about why it would happen. Or unfortunately about how to fix it. A possibility is that the temporary storage is being cleaned up by something. But, if that was the case, I would expect a different error (a file not found type of error).

You could try using the KoboExtendedDriver instead of a conversion. That doesn't have the overhead of the full conversion pipeline. Or, if you have CBZ or CBR versions of the manga, you could try KCC to produce the kepub.

As to the page turning direction, that can be set in the OPF or in each file. A conversion should keep it. But, I don't know if it is picked up correctly when imported on the Kobo device. But, it will be respected if it is set. You can set it using my Kobo Utilities plugin.
Sorry I have been away for work and just now getting back to this topic.

I will try to install the 64bit version and see what transpires from that. I find it odd that only now has it begun to have this issue as I have converted other large page count manga epub in the past without issue.

I do not know how the original epub has set it, but it does have 385 pages, it looks like it counts each page as its own chapter.... each page should have one image for the entire page.

The only reason for the need to convert is that with the epub source file, if I import it directly to the kobo, the pages seemed "zoomed in" and it cuts off about 10% from the bottom and right side of the page, early on, I discovered that converting them to kepub solved the issue. (and prally a topic for a new thread.)

I have Kobo Touch Extended Driver is that the same as KoboExtendedDriver you mentioned? And if so, how would I make calibre use it in lieu of kepub output plugin?

I appreciate the time and help in assisting me with this problem!
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