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This also happened to me:

I managed to fix my device though. For me, I had to unroot and then do a factory reset. The unrooting process actually bricked my device so I had to do an SD-card rescue. Unrooting alone did not solve the issue but after I had done the factory reset, everything was back to normal. I haven't tried rooting it again, but I don't think I will.

Unrooting involves the same steps as rooting. Just follow this Wiki and you should be fine (It also has steps for an SD-card rescue and a link to how to do a factory reset.):

Others have also had this issue, you might want to read into these posts if all else fails. (quite useful)

Don't worry, your device can be saved. However, I would suggest for you to evaluate whether you really need to root again. I personally just wanted a modified homescreen, but it's now apparent that rooting isn't a requirement for that.
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