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T1 Burns battery: how to unroot?

I rooted my T1 a little less than two weeks ago and I also added the Morkl homescreen. Only other modifications I did was adding the tiny program for enabling/disabling fast screen refresh and a korean bookstore app.

Then I noted that flipping through 60ish pages of time magazine over the course of 1 hours on and off... I lost 15% power. The reader kept loosing power even when not being used. I kept it in the box with a near full charge since then, and today 5 days later it is out of power.

1. any idea what is causing this extreme power drain?

2. will unrooting (installing the restore package for the minimal root) and re-rooting solve the problem?

3. HOW do I unroot the root package, the Morkl home screen and the three apps

I'm not willing to accept that my device cannot be rooted, so I hope you guys have some great ideas :,(
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