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Daze of Isolation: Diary of a Stuck at Home Mom

This comic diary tracks a reluctant homeschool mom as she guides her kids through the pandemic of 2020, when a few days of isolation turned into weeks and months. In honor of National Adoption Month, the eBook is free 11/3/2021 - 11/5/2021.

Do your kids have some of the Dís?
  • ADHD or ASD?
  • PTSD and RAD?
  • ODD or OCD?
Or maybe your kids are just rambunctious? Or plentiful?

What happens when their schools close, and everyone on your motherhood support team is restricted to Zoom therapy? Krista Ehlers started a daily journal that gray day in March, 2020, when her kids were sent home from school for fourteen days that turned into over a year. Enjoy her familyís stories of smoke clouds and smoke alarms, adoption issues and special needs, an ambulance ride and a bike crash, road trips, and awkward new experiences.

Along for the rollercoaster ride of the Covid-19 Pandemic were Kristaís now-working-at-home husband, her teen son, her precocious 3rd grade daughter, and their aging Labradoodle. Friends and family make guest appearances in this witty, at times poignant, account of the slowest emergency in history.

Written in a conversational tone, you will feel like youíre two moms taking a walk while the kids run on ahead on their scooters. Mothers of adopted kids, foster kids, extra need kids, and all the kids will love this funny, cheeky memoir. Great gift for moms as they navigate Covid back-to-school routines and prepare for the holiday season.

Krista Ehlers is an experienced trainer, speaker, and comedian, with a passion to lighten the load of mothers with transparency and humor. She shares her own stories in her book about the Covid-19 pandemic, Daze of Isolation, and on Instagram @reallykrista.
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