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Kindle Touch, Kobo Touch or Sony PRS-T1

Hi everyone,

This is my first post on here so if I'm in the wrong place, please let me know!
And thanks in advance for your advice and expertise on these products, it is much appreciated as I know nothing!

Here's what I'd like to know...

I'm looking for my first e-reader and I'm trying to decide between the Kindle Touch ($139), the Kobo Touch ($119), and the Sony Touch PRS-T1 ($119). I'm a Canadian and have never physically seen the Kindle but I will be in NYC in a few weeks and could buy it there.

Features that are important to me are:
- Reliable and easy-to-use dictionaries (both English and French but mainly French)
- Easy-to-use translator (for French to English or Italian to English)
- Attractive, user-friendly, and reliable interface and software
- Responsive screen
- Fast page turns
- Good selection of English and French books in the associated e-book store and decent pricing (although this won't matter if i can buy from anywhere and use on any device... is this possible?)
- Screen quality (although I think all three have the same E-Ink Pearl so it doesn't seem to be an issue)

I'm not too bothered if I have to use some sort of conversion software to be able to read amazon books on another e-reader, or read non-amazon books on the kindle (as long as this process is fairly easy and works on a mac).

Audio doesn't really matter to me, neither does the size of the hard drive as I doubt I will ever have thousands of books on it at once.

I don't know how annoying or problematic it would be to have the Kindle Touch in Canada.

Thank you!!

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