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Thumbs up I've have my Vizio VTAB1008 for 3 days.

I just bought a Vizio three days ago. So far I like it a lot. I wanted a tablet smaller than 10".

The Vizio has locked up a couple of times when I tried to do several things, with non-standard apps very quickly; however, it is otherwise very stable. The initial home screen is, IMHO, too visually cluttered; however, I was able to install LauncherPro and suspect that other home screen programs will work too.

The keyboard function is easier for me to use than the iPad's keyboard. First and foremost much of the time you can type shifted symbols simply by pressing the key a bit longer. That REALLY helps reduce frustration and increase typing speed. There are other typing modes which I've yet to really explore.

The display is very nice. It is responsive and only occasionally a bit laggy. It is a capacitive, multi-touch screen. I don't know how many fingers it can sense at the same time; however, I rarely need more than two. My biggest complaint about the screen is that it is reflective and can be tricky to view when the ambient light is at a bad angle. Supposedly there are non-reflective screen protectors which might help with this issue.

The user facing camera is, um, not very special. Once Skype works on it I suspect it will be just OK for video conferencing. It is grainy. However, I am quite pleased it has a camera at all. When I want a better quality picture I'll use a camera or buy a more expensive Android device.

I have limited experience with Android devices. My first Android experience was with the Pandigital white Novel which isn't an android device I'd recommend. The Vizio's battery life isn't awesome; however, doing things like turning off unused services, WiFi!, will help increase the battery life and make it quite liveable. The battery is, so far, good for at least 8-10 hours of use. I'm using the device more than I likely will in the future so it may well last up to two days before it needs a charge. I'm not holding my breath though.

So, from me it's . For the money I give the Vizio VTAB1008 5 stars. It really sets a higher standard in its price range and puts, likely unwelcome, pressure on higher priced Android tablets to justify their price. Rumor has it that Vizio plans to release the Honeycomb Android OS sometime in the next few months. I'm looking forward to that.
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