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Originally Posted by Deskisamess View Post
Alfa only runs on PC's, costs $30 I think, and updates aren't free. There is NO info about the company behind it, and no reviews that potential users can read.

No way I would install something like that on my computer.

And it's amazing how many times it's been trotted out here lately, from brand new members.
Open source is always better which is why I use Calibre. I agree with you when it comes to concerns using closed software. Though as a windows user who doesn't mind paying for software and updates Alfa is still an alternative when it comes to the function of the program. One could also argue that having a profitable piece of software, and open source don't go hand in hand, both have pros and cons (though I always fall more into the open source / donation camp).

While it is an alternative, I agree it is not a very good one - and when I tried it before it did not handle a large library very well at all. It does however let you set up your book organization/folder structure however you wish (though that could be the cause of the performance issues).

I also have to say CC is growing on me in the past 24 hours because it's actually working as long as I transfer my library in small batches, I just feel the program is a bit lack luster on features and design.

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