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Originally Posted by Waldy View Post
If your Likebook Mars is bricked up, it is advisable to first connect it to the charger for one to two hours.
If you cannot load into the Recovery Mode, you must force the Likebook Mars to turn off - press and hold the Power Button for about 10 seconds.
Then again try to enter the Recovery Mode.

I would be glad if someone corrects my English.
I tried to write a tutorial with google translator:!yug3wKSS!WMb2ZAzcj...Tdw8ZU2l4F7hSM
I did that on Windows, used that:!qmBxnKyC!WM3vT0C9s...urzgzwEaWoGuZ4
Dump files v2.2.0:!v24TgaTS!wfsf9f0r8...omSX0OA4Mr27Gc
Thanks Waldy!
It seems great description
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