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Plugin WANTED: Send all compatible formats to device

Hi forum,

I am looking for a Plugin to solve the problem I have described in this thread:

Full disclosure:
I work in IT for a living but I am not a programmer.
I have no clue if the Plugin API is even exposing the needed functionality.

Feature Wish list:

- fire and forget design, a full replacement for the send to device button
- configurable list of formats to send to device
- missing formats are generated before sending (e.g. when epub and original_epub are specified but there is only the original version in the library, a epub-epub conversion is performed)
- the different formats are marked so that they can be discerned on the reader (This will probably have to be in the title, using differently named shelves may be problematic for device compatibility.)

Everyone interested in this kind of Plugin, please voice your interest in this.

If the development of this plugin needs funding because no one else is interested in this, I'll set up a bounty for it.

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