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Kindle for PC Sync / Android Sync Questions

I searched around but did not find anything, so if this has been covered you have my apologies.

I use kindle for PC and Kindle for Android (running android 2.23). I plan on getting either a pw2 or a FireHD soon, maybe even both. So here's the questions I have

1. My book collection is 3800 kindle books (Most from the freebie section). It seems to take Kindle for android forever to load new books, heck even if I don't sync it still takes a while. Is this normal? Is it because I have such a large collection? Is there a solution for it?

2. I just installed the kindle for PC on Winxp. I set it to sync, that was four hours ago, and it's showing me 8 books. Is this normal and / or because I have suge a large collection, or does it just take a long time to sync on the computer? Is there a setting (I don't see many settings on the K4PC to begin with) that I'm missing?

Any advice suggestions would be welcome. I want to read, but geez geting this set up to read in the first place kinda takes the fun out of it.

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