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Originally Posted by TomF View Post
Are the new issues pushing the old issues into a collection called Periodicals? If so, they will get automatically deleted from Periodicals after 6-8 days. If you don't want to manually delete them you will have to live with the current issue of all of them on your Home screen every day.

See this thread for more details.
Hello TomF & TheKindleWorm,

Thanks for your replies.

TKW - I don't really want to have to plug in USB just for would be good if I could highlight them all, or something.

Tom - Yes the old ones are getting pushed into Periodicals...they are all content which is delivered by Calibre. But so far none have been deleted. To be fair, the oldest is from the 12th of Oct. So, tomorrow some should be deleted automatically, today being the 20th? Do I have to configure this anywhere?

thanks in advance,
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