Thread: Troubleshooting Kindle Android Sync problem
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Kindle Android Sync problem

I have 2 Kindles (KDX, K2) and Kindle Android on my Droid. I do most of my reading on the KDX but I occasionally want to continue reading a book on my Droid. The problem is that all 3 devices only sync to the Droid. Say I stop reading at page 700 on the KDX and want to continue on the Droid it automatically sync's when I turn it on but does not sync to 700. I push the sync on the Droid and I get a message that I am sync'd to the farthest page. If I go the the K2 and sync I get a message that I am at page 200 and my Droid is at page 300 do I want to go to that page. It doesn't sync to the KDX which is at page 700. Both Kindles only sync to whatever page the Droid is at. I expected sync to take me the farthest page over all devices.
Whispernet is on on all Kindles.
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