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PDF to MobiPocket Conversion

I read on this forum and on MobiPocket how people are jsut dragging their pdf's onto the MobiCreator and viola - instant beautiful conversion.

From the mobipocket website:
Personal eDoc Publishing : Beyond eBooks
Tired of scrolling through this 250 page technical manual in PDF? We've got the answer. Drag and drop it into the Reader Desktop and read it on any mobile device.

So I tried creating one and read it on my Treo (won't have the Iliad til July):
1. the pdf file had a table of contents - the mobipcoket version did not convert the pdf table of contents into a useable mobipocket TOC

2. no images, tables, charts where in the converted document - expect the cover page which I manually added - even though I checked the box in the MobiCreator to embed images (I think that was the wording)

What am I doing wrong, or are others exaggerating their experiences?
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