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It is not a single file but a document containing about 5000 pages. In fact it is the page with a link depth of 4.

the single pages are rendering in plucker within less than 2 seconds.

Where does this error happen? As far as I understand it happens while creating the output-file.

I checked it again: It happens After the generating has been working for a while.
The whole message is: Failed: Could not Create Output File: (dir) : Could not map View of file.

Does sunrise put the file together in the memory?
would it be enough to free sufficiant unpaged RAM?
I currently don't understand exactly the Problem.

How many characters are used in maximum for saving the pictures on the HDD?
Is ist possible that this is not enough?
Sonetimes it helps to delete all the sxp*.tmp -files when having other problems with my bigger channels.

Now I am sure that this problem can be fixed by assigning a fifth character to the sxp*.tmp files.
I don#t think that this would be a big problem to implement since you went from decimal to hex values in one of your last releases.

The highest Number in the Filename I get there in the filename is FFFF.

I assume that you use theses numbers to adress images on the HDD and to adress Pages you retrieved in ram so you cannot use all numbers for the HDD.
otherweise it should be enough.

For my smaller channels I found Sunrise to be pretty stable for me. Keep up the good work.


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